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Town Hall of Alcantarilla

Town Hall of alcantarilla
Town Hall of Alcantarilla
Town Hall of alcantarilla
Town Hall of Alcantarilla

Since xviii century it has been located in San Pedro square. Frenchmen, under the command of Marshal Bastian Sebastiani, invaded Alcantarilla before Murcia. In 1810 they burnt the big house of the government. Files disappeared, only those from xix century until now are preserved, can be found in the house Cayitas, municipal file headquarter. Until 1945 the town hall was different from now, it was a ramshackle house. In 1945 D. Juan Antonio López Hurtado, who was the mayor, ordered to knock it down and build the actual curentone. The façade was made by the architect Joaquin Vicenta, who was the best architect of Murcia at that moment. They ran out of money so they couldn´t build the tower. In the 60s, another mayor, D. Diego Riquelme, ordered to build the tower. In 1982 the new mayor ordered to reform the inside of the building what meant a real ploudeng.

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La quema del Ayuntamiento

La quema de las imagenes

Official journalist Fulgencio Sánchez Riquelme

Cronista Fulgencio Sánchez Riquelme
Official journalist
Fulgencio Sánchez Riquelme

IES ALCANTARA HIGH SCHOOL wants to express their gratitude to the actual official journalist in the town of Alcantarilla, Mr. Fulgencio Sánchez Riquelme. He was the guide who explained us all the information in detail.

Fulgencio Sánchez Riquelme was born in Alcantarilla, in 1951. He's Primary school teacher and he graduated in Philosophy and Letters, in the Geography's and History's section. When he was young, he began to colaborate with the press and in some regional magazines such as "Los desaparecidos diarios línea" and "Hoja del Lunes", making it too in "DIARIO: LA VERDAD". Right now, he's a contributor of "Diario: La opinión de Murcia"; almost all his jobs have been based in pieces of the regional history and so especially refered to the township of Alcantarilla, where he has a lot of bibliographic documents. He's made his teaching in Mazarrón, Sangonera la Seca and in Alcantarilla. From the year 1975, he's been a public servant in Murcia's university; having right now the Headquarter of the business's service that deals with the publications of that university.
He's an official journalist of Alcantarilla, appointed by the Ilmo. Town hall of the town in 1996.